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 Custom orders are always welcome, in fact our business is based on filling custom requests.  Our craftsmen pride themselves in their ability to make custom orders from just a description furnished by the buyer.  If you have a picture from a magazine or photo (with dimensions),  that would be great, but if not, a description with dimensions needed will be fine.  We will send you, via e-mail, a picture of the completed product for you to view.  Upon your approval, we will ship the item to you.  The cost will include shipping and handling charges.  If the item has to be returned for any reaseon, we do not refund shipping and handling charges.  Our small company stands behind everything we produce and all items are made with pride and craftsmanship.  In order to keep shipping costs down, some larger items may be shipped with some assembly required.  Detailed instructions will be provided.  Due to the excessive weight of larger items,  the shipping and handling charges may be more.  You will be notified of the charges before the item is crafted.  All prices will be based on the current market value of the wood species chosen.  A custom made item will never be duplicated or made available for public sale.  Yours will be an original one of a kind piece to be proud of.  If, after viewing the pictures of your item or upon receipt of your item,  you are not satisfied, you are under no obligation to purchase it.  A full refund of the purchase price will be issued, minus shipping.  But the item will remain in our inventory to be sold.  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for large items.  Once your order is completed, we will add a special area where you may purchase your item.  We will e-mail you a link that will take you to your item.   There are some basic things we will need to complete your request: 

  1. Dimensions of item requested.
  2. A small picture, rough drawing or photo.(optional)
  3. Type of lumber you would like.
  4. Finish preference (please be specific).
  5. Contact number or e-mail address.

Submit your request to the address below:   leescustomcrafts@zoomshare.com Or by mail at: Lee's Custom Crafts - PO Box 672 - Huron, SD 57350        1-605-353-1221 Calls are monitored so please leave a brief message.  

 You have 30 days to report all damaged goods.

About us

 We are a small business located in Huron S.D.  Only in business for four years so far.  We are confident we can provide you with good quality woodworking and craft items with a wide selection to choose from.  All of our items are made from only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods available.  We also carry pine, poplar and mahogany items.   We currently stock over one hundred handmade woodworking and craft items.  If you do not see something you like in our woodworking pages, please feel free to send us a request stating what you would like to have made and we will attempt to fill it from your description and or photo.  See Orders & Warranty for more details.  Submit inquiries or questions to leescustomcrafts@zoomshare.com .  Orders on in stock products will be shipped within twenty-four hours of receipt of order.  If you are not completely satisfied with your product upon receipt, simpy return it and your credit card will be credited the full purchase price less shipping costs.  We accept most major credit cards, personal checks and U.S. postal money orders.  If you live within 50 miles of Huron S.D. you may arrange for free shipping.

 FOIL & CUSTOM CLOCKS More info coming soon  


CLOCK WARRANTY INFORMATION (desk sets, desk clock & framed prints only) Warranty information for clock inserts and anniversary movements.  Three year warranty on 1 7/16 clock inserts.  Four year warranty on 1 7/16 deluxe quartz insert.  Four year warranty on 2 1/4 inserts.  Two year warranty on 1 7/16 economy quartz insert.  Four year warranty on four inch large face clock.  Four year warranty on anniversary movement.


  1. Battery Dammage
  2. Water Dammage
  3. Misuse
  4. Case Breakage
  5. Lens Breakage

Warranty will be denied if item shows signs of tampering with the internal parts. Product will be replaced free of charge for a period specified at the time of purchase.  You will be sent a warranty card either by e-mail or U.S.P.S. with the appropriate information.  Warranty will remain in our files for the period specified. Any questions, please contact us at: leescustomcrafts@zoomshare.com



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Online since October 24, 2004.
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    Outdoor furniture




    Hardwood picture frames



    Framed prints & Foil print clocks

  • Yosemite (framed print),  Deer in the woods (framed print)
  • Into the light (framed print),  The hunter (framed print)
  • 8x10 Horse & Foal foil print clock
  • 8x10 Black stallion foil print clock


    Tealite holders


    Hardwood votive holders




    Pine and Hardwood sconces & shelf sets



    Desk sets and accessories



    Shadow boxes & Peg rails



    Quilt racks, Quilt shelves, Clips


    Shelves, Gallery rail shelves, Plate rails

    18in BubingaAmbrosia maple,three shelf set 18in Ambrosia maple shelf15in Maple shelf w/pegs10in oak shelf12in Oak shelf,   18in oak shelf,   24in Oak shelf12in Walnut shelf18in Walnut shelf24in Walnut shelf18in Cherry shelf24in Cherry shelf12in Poplar shelf18in Poplar shelf,  24in poplar shelf12in Clear pine shelf18in Clear pine shelf,  24in clear pine shelf   



    Miscellaneous woodcrafts

    Mini quilt racksOak hobby display boxOak serving tray                         Knotty Pine cook book easelKnotty Pine cook book easel (Unfinished)Hardwood incense holdersNote tilesOak green marble trivet



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