LEES CUSTOM CRAFTS (Woodworking, Hemp jewelry, Craft's, Homemade pet treat's and toy's)



Woodworking directory
MISC. Woodcraft's directory
Hemp directory

Home furnishing's (3)
Picture frame's (8)
Framed print's & clock's (8)
Tealite candle holder's (12)
Votive candle holder's (5)
Sconce's (6)
Sconce & shelf set's (3)
 Shelving & plate rail's (35)
Desk set's & accessorie's (10)
Shadow box's (4)
Oak & Pine peg rail's (4)
Quilt rack's (11)

 Minature quilt rack's (1)
Oak hobby display box  (1)
Oak serving tray  (1)
Pine cook book easel  (1)
Pine cook book easel (Unfinish) (1)
Hardwood incense holders (1)
Note tiles (1)
Oak trivet's (1)
Hardwood incense holders

 Hemp necklace's  (24)
 Hemp braclet's  (5)
 Hemp ring's
Hemp key chain's
 Hemp cell lanyard's
Hemp lanyard's
 Hemp dog leash

 Shoe lace lanyard's 

Homemade pet treat's
Tug toy's and bone's

Peanut butter doggie cupcake's
Peanut butter biscuits
P.B and Chicken biscuit's
Bacon bites
Puper mint cookie's
Cheesy dog Cookies
Graham cracker biscuits.
Chicken biscuit's


Fleece tug toy's
Duck canvas bone's

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